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Er·i·tre·a  (r-tr)
A country of northeast Africa bordering on the Red Sea. Once part of the Ethiopian kingdom of Aksum, it became an Italian colony in 1890 and was named after the Roman term for the Red Sea, Mare erythraeum. Captured by the British during World War II, Eritrea later became a federated part (1952) and then a province (1962) of Ethiopia, from which it gained its independence in 1993. Asmara is the capital and largest city. Population: 4,910,000.

Eri·trean adj. & n.
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Eritrea (ˌɛrɪˈtreɪə)
1. (Placename) a small country in NE Africa, on the Red Sea: became an Italian colony in 1890; federated with Ethiopia (1952-93); an independence movement was engaged in war with the Ethiopian government from 1961 until independence was gained in 1993; consists of hot and arid coastal lowlands, rising to the foothills of the Ethiopian highlands. Languages: Tigrinya, Arabic, English, Afar, and others. Religions: Muslim and Christian. Currency: nakfa. Capital: Asmara. Pop: 4 296 000 (2004 est). Area: 117 400 sq km (45 300 sq miles)

Er•i•tre•a (ˌɛr ɪˈtri ə)

a republic in NE Africa, on the Red Sea: Italian colony 1890–1941; province of Ethiopia 1962–93; independent since 1993. 3,984,723; 47,076 sq. mi. (121,927 sq. km). Cap.: Asmara.
Er`i•tre′an, adj., n.
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Noun1.Eritrea - an African country to the north of Ethiopia on the Red SeaEritrea - an African country to the north of Ethiopia on the Red Sea; achieved independence from Ethiopia in 1993
Asmara, Asmera - the capital of Eritrea
Massawa - a port town in Eritrea on an inlet of the Red Sea
Horn of Africa, Somali peninsula - a peninsula of northeastern Africa (the easternmost part of Africa) comprising Somalia and Djibouti and Eritrea and parts of Ethiopia
Eritrean - a native or inhabitant of Eritrea
Eritrea [ˌerəˈtreɪə] NEritrea f

Eritrea [ˌɛrɪˈtreɪə] nÉrythrée f

Eritrea [ˌɛrɪˈtreɪə] nEritrea

Eritrea إرتريا Eritrea Eritrea Eritrea Ερυθραία Eritrea Eritrea Érythrée Eritreja Eritrea エリトリア 에리트레아 Eritrea Eritrea Erytrea Eritreia Эритрея Eritrea ประเทศเอริเทรีย Eritre nước Eritrea 厄立特里亚

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The UN Security Council on Monday toughened sanctions against Eritrea which neighboring governments accuse of plotting terrorist attacks and supporting Somali Islamist rebels.
UN: Eritrea s president has asked for a personal hearing before the UN Security Council in a bid to head off new sanctions over alleged support for Somalia s Islamist rebels, diplomats said.
12/23/2009 8:46:40 PM The UN Security Council has slapped an arms embargo on Eritrea and targeted sanctions on its leaders for aiding Somali rebels and refusing to withdraw troops from its disputed border with Djibouti.
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