Erlenmeyer flask

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Er·len·mey·er flask

 (ûr′lən-mī′ər, âr′-)
A conical laboratory flask with a narrow neck and flat broad bottom.

[After Richard August Carl Emil Erlenmeyer (1825-1909), German chemist.]

Erlenmeyer flask

(Chemistry) a flask, for use in a laboratory, with a narrow neck, wide base, and conical shape; conical flask
[C19: named after Emil Erlenmeyer (1825–1909), German chemist]

Er′len•mey•er flask`

(ˈɜr lənˌmaɪ ər, ˈɛr-)
a conical flask with a wide base and narrow neck, used in laboratories for swirling liquids.
[1885–90; after E. Erlenmeyer (1825–1909), German chemist]
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Noun1.Erlenmeyer flask - a conical flask with a wide base and narrow neckErlenmeyer flask - a conical flask with a wide base and narrow neck
flask - bottle that has a narrow neck
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Extraction of flavonoids from corn silk was performed as following: the dried powder (5 g) was subjected to hot continuous extraction in Erlenmeyer flask using 50-65% ethanol at the material ratio of the weight (g) of corn silk to the volume of ethanol (mL) of 1:20 to 1:35.
Ten plugs (w, 5 mm) of active growing colony were inoculated to 100 ml media in 250 ml Erlenmeyer flask.
The prepared solution (50 ml) was added to 250 ml Erlenmeyer flask, one containing 30 mg of chitosan adsorbent (1.
We pipetted 25 mL of sample solution into an Erlenmeyer flask (100 mL) with a stopper, and put 25 mL of acetyl acetone--ammonium acetate into the Erlenmeyer flask and mixed it until homogeneous.
suction flasks 1 - 500 ml suction flask 15 -^250 ml erlenmeyer flasks 15 - 500 ml wide mouth erlenmeyer flasks 6 ^ 500 ml erlenmeyer flasks 5 - 125 mf erlenmeyer flasks 1 - 1000 wide mouth ml erlenmeyer flask 7 - 500 ml volumetric flasks 4 - 250 ml volumetric flasks 2 - 200 ml volumetric flasks 9 - 100 ml volumetric flasks 12 - 50 ml volumetric flasks.
0 cm), weighed in erlenmeyer flask by adjusting different substrate to water ratios (1: 1, 1: 1.
porcelain bowls, desiccators, oven, the Bunsen-burner, furnace, flask, Erlenmeyer flask, Kjedahl flask, distillation apparatus, lipid beaker, Soxhlet tube.
Thickening of long bones with failure of metaphyseal remodeling results in expansion of metaphyseal regions [3] and gross undertubulation leads to the Erlenmeyer flask deformity.
The tomato chyme was sieved into an Erlenmeyer flask to remove shaft.
10 g of oil shale sample was added to 100 ml M9K in each Erlenmeyer flask, the whole bioleaching process lasted for 15 days.
5 g of each sample was weighed and placed in a 25 mL Erlenmeyer flask to which 20 mL of C[O.