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Noun1.sexual pleasure - pleasure derived from sexual activities
pleasure, pleasance - a fundamental feeling that is hard to define but that people desire to experience; "he was tingling with pleasure"
algolagnia, algophilia - sexual pleasure derived from inflicting or experiencing pain
sadism - sexual pleasure obtained by inflicting harm (physical or psychological) on others
masochism - sexual pleasure obtained from receiving punishment (physical or psychological)
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Stoller questions femininity, though her autonomous objects and cornucopian still-lives attract with trompe Voeil virtuosity and seduce with luscious voluptuousness--the colour, delicacy and rococo flare are indicative of frivolity, excess and erotic pleasure.
While never denying the violence she experienced in her relationship, Rihanna worked to distance herself from the language of victimization and image of helplessness that often accompany the label "battered woman"; instead, she cultivated a closeness to erotic pleasure that incorporates practices of pain.
These range from asking what is the erotic, to whether men's and women's erotic interests differ, to whether feminists have an interest in men's erotic pleasure, to whether inegalitarian eroticism has any role in feminist theory.
16) While contemporary American culture does not restrict erotic pleasure to the limits of a faithful fertility, (17) Berry refuses to exclude fertility from his conception of the erotic in both earth-human relations and human-human relations.
It's a blow by blow account (ahem) of the ancient Indian guide to erotic pleasure.
What I'm promoting is erotic pleasure which is something very, very different," she said.
While typically finding ideas from the hot climes of Mexico and the Greek island of Mykonos, this year he admits to getting them from sensual films such as Emmanuelle and Histoire d'O - a film by the same director, Just Jaeckin, about a beautiful Parisian fashion photographer who allows herself to be held captive for erotic pleasure.
in its insistence on the subject of erotic pleasure, and its identification of a deliberate erotics in texts produced in medieval Britain" (15).
One of his concerns was the erotic pleasure to be had from sitting in a bowl of Shredded Wheat, and he worried about how you could drink hygienically from the gutter.
Because women's erotic pleasure was understood to be necessary for conception--and as Traub points out, medical writers considered female satisfaction important only for that reason--the clitoris, not the uterus, came to be seen as the counterpart of the male "yard.
For Schwartz, poems must confront the origins of one desire that is violence and another that is erotic pleasure.
All sexoids would share one trait: a strong appetite to give and receive erotic pleasure.