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(Plants) any plant of the temperate and subtropical perennial umbelliferous genus Eryngium, with distinctive spiny foliage, metallic blue flower heads, and bluish stems, several species of which are grown as garden plants. See also sea holly
[New Latin, from Latin ēryngion, from Greek ērungion a species of thistle]
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Noun1.eryngium - large genus of decorative plants with thistlelike flower headsEryngium - large genus of decorative plants with thistlelike flower heads; cosmopolitan in distribution
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
Apiaceae, carrot family, family Apiaceae, family Umbelliferae, Umbelliferae - plants having flowers in umbels: parsley; carrot; anise; caraway; celery; dill
eringo, eryngo - any plant of the genus Eryngium
Eryngium maritimum, sea eryngium, sea holly, sea holm - European evergreen eryngo with twisted spiny leaves naturalized on United States east coast; roots formerly used as an aphrodisiac
Eryngium aquaticum, button snakeroot - coarse prickly perennial eryngo with aromatic roots; southeastern United States; often confused with rattlesnake master
button snakeroot, Eryngium yuccifolium, rattlesnake master, rattlesnake's master - coarse prickly perennial eryngo of United States thought to cure rattlesnake bite
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Know what plants can thrive: Perennials which can be grown in a seaside setting include achillea, crocosmia, eryngium (sea holly), echinops (globe thistle), sedum, heuchera (coral flower), euphorbia, gazania, scabiosa.
Eryngium, or sea holly, is a classic seaside plant that is often included in herbaceous borders for its dramatic electric blue stems and thistle-like flowers.
Add some prolific self-seeders, vibrant orange Calendula officinalis, metallic blue Eryngium Giganteum and a generous sprinkling of Eschscholzia californica and before you know it you have a blue, orange and red colour scheme that will stop your neighbours in their tracks.
Eryngium bourgatii is a striking plant - its glaucous leaves veined and marbled in silver as though splashed with mercury.
Eryngium bourgatii is a striking plant - its much-divided glaucous leaves veined and marbled in silver as though mercury had been splashed on them.
It is a form that gives members SEA HOLLY Eryngium bourgatii Blue Form of this part of the family, especially those with white flowers (some have yellow and, occasionally, pink), a lightness and grace unmatched in any other plant family.
For Chelsea Plant of the Year, the sea holly Eryngium 'Neptune's Gold' from Hardy's Cottage Plants is a hot tip.
Eryngium es facilmente distinguible de otros miembros de las Apiaceae por sus inflorescencias capitadas y por tener una sola bracteola por flor.
We studied five state and federally endangered herbs: Liatris ohlingerae, Eryngium cuneifolium, Polygonella basiramia, Hypericum cumulicola, and Paronychia chartacea subsp.
Take root cuttings from oriental poppies, primula denticulata, eryngium, rhus, verbascum, and phlox paniculata ?
Analisando-se o diagrama de ordenacao, pode-se observar que, a medida que aumentam os valores do eixo I, aumenta a contribuicao de Andropogon lateralis MP e diminui a de Paspalum notatum, Chevreulia acuminata, Piptochaetium montevidense, Eryngium horridum e Andropogon lateralis AP.