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Noun1.Erysimum - large genus of annual or perennial herbs some grown for their flowers and some for their attractive evergreen leavesErysimum - large genus of annual or perennial herbs some grown for their flowers and some for their attractive evergreen leaves; Old World and North America
dilleniid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
Brassicaceae, Cruciferae, family Brassicaceae, family Cruciferae, mustard family - a large family of plants with four-petaled flowers; includes mustards, cabbages, broccoli, turnips, cresses, and their many relatives
wallflower - any of numerous plants of the genus Erysimum having fragrant yellow or orange or brownish flowers
prairie rocket - any of several North American plants of the genus Erysimum having large yellow flowers
Cheiranthus allionii, Erysimum allionii, Siberian wall flower - showy erect biennial or short-lived perennial cultivated for its terminal racemes of orange-yellow flowers; sometimes placed in genus Cheiranthus
Cheiranthus asperus, Erysimum arkansanum, Erysimum asperum, western wall flower - biennial or short-lived perennial prairie rocket having orange-yellow flowers; western North America to Minnesota and Kansas; sometimes placed in genus Cheiranthus
Erysimum cheiranthoides, wormseed mustard - slender yellow-flowered European mustard often troublesome as a weed; formerly used as an anthelmintic
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Another example is Erysimum polatschekii Moazzeni et al.
Glucosinolates, volatile constituents and biological activities of Erysimum corinthium Boiss.
Whereas the quantitative analysis of ethanol extract showed that fruit of Carissa carandas and Lodoicea maldivica seeds of Erysimum cheiri, whole plant of Fagonia arabica and branches of Withania somnifera had 80% of total terpenoids contents.
x -- -- -- Genisto versicoloris-Cytisetum -- -- -- x -- nevadensis Teucrio compacti-Quercetum cocciferae -- x -- -- -- Thymo gracilis-Cistetum ladaniferi -- x -- -- -- Taxa -- -- -- -- -- Ranunculus girelai -- -- -- x -- Erysimum baeticum -- -- x x -- Artemisia chamaemelifolia -- -- x x -- Saxifraga trabutiana -- -- x -- -- Pinguicula grandiflora -- -- x -- -- Moehringia fontqueri -- -- x -- -- Centaurea pulvinata -- -- x -- -- Sideritis luteola -- x -- -- -- Table 8.
Willie McCreery, trainer of Colour Blue and Erysimum Both are in very good form.
A tough and consistent five-year-old, she finished fourth to stable-companion Erysimum in a listed race at Killarney in August before landing a seven-furlong premier handicap at Leopardstown on Irish Champions Weekend, off a mark of 91.
In the opener, Lee (right) teams up with Willie McCreery's Erysimum who looks a very solid option.
saturejoides y Galium viridiflorum; endemismos beticos como Erysimum medio-hispanicum subsp.
Detling Menzies' tansy mustard suffrutescent Erysimum suffrutescens (Abrams) Rossbach wallflower Hirschfeldia incana (L.
Generally speaking, wallflowers, or Erysimum to give them their Latin This means that they are grown from seed in the first year and establish roots and leaves, then in the second year they flower and when they're finished flowering are discarded.
The most captivating of all perennial wallflowers is Erysimum 'John Codrington' - a low mound covered in sweetly scented flowers of bizarre, muted hues described once as "the colour of old bruises".
pubescens 4 Erysimum coarctatum 6 Festuca saximontana var.