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The chromatophores of teleosts are generally classified into seven categories on the basis of their color: melanophore (black), erythrophore (red), xanthophore (yellow), cyanophore (blue), leucophore (white), iridophore (iridescent color), and erythro-iridophore (reddish violet) (1-4).
In terms of diagnostic color patterns, they have xanthophores associated with the trunk melanophores and a single erythrophore at the base of the caudal fin (Fig.
Erythrophore patterns were proposed as another characteristic by Ueyanagi (1966) and Matsumoto et al.
Possible role of non-classical chromatophorotropins on the regulation of the crustacean erythrophore.
Luby and Porter (1980) showed that erythrophore pigments in the squirrelfish, Holocentris ascensionis, aggregate in an ATP-independent manner, whereas dispersion is ATP-dependent.
When Siamese fighting fish encounter certain stressful or threatening environmental conditions, such as exposure to toxic chemicals, the erythrophores change appearance.
Ionic requirements for PCH-induced pigment aggregation in the freshwater shrimp, Macrobrachium potiuna, erythrophores.
Pigment granules remain dispersed in cultured Xi-phophorus maculatus erythrophores perfused with 10 [mu]M A23187 and EGTA-buffered, [10.