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(Placename) a city in E Turkey: a strategic centre; scene of two major battles against Russian forces (1877 and 1916); important military base. Pop: 436 000 (2005 est)


or Er•ze•rum

(ˈɛr zəˌrʊm)

a city in NE Turkey in Asia. 252,648.
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Second Erzerum Treaty, Tehran Protocol, Delimitation Commission, Istanbul Protocol are the results of this period.
He examines the intricacies behind the Russian command structure that contributed to the assault on the Ottoman fortress of Erzerum.
While his political opinions diverged from those of his fellow Scot, John Buchan, MacDonald's writing on Georgia uncannily echoed Greenmantle, the Tory romantic's classic First World War adventure, which climaxes at the Battle of Erzerum, Imperial Russia's last great victory over the Ottoman Empire.
Recruitment in the lands from Karaman to Erzerum should be attempted with utmost care, because there the Christian population was also mixed with Turkmen and Kurds.
In July, Turkey received the first shipment of natural gas via the 1,050-km Erzerum line from the $4 billion Shah-Deniz project under a 15-year deal signed with Azerbaijan in March 2001.
A final note is a letter from Professor Glassie of the Folklore Institute of Indiana University, in which he mentions that finely woven cotton and silk muslins or brocades are found in Bangladesh today: they are called jamdani or jandani and imitations of this cloth are made in Erzerum, Turkey.
Ballard 170) Miss Fergusson's irritation over the incident in Erzerum began to calm.
Lawrence, who may be the model for Sandy Arbothnot in Greenmantle--at Erzerum.
This will follow the same route via Azerbaijan and Georgia but will end at Turkey's existing gas transmission system at Erzerum.
Nicholas seemed to be easily incensed by Pushkin's wayward and erratic behavior--as, for example, by the poet's unauthorized trip to Erzerum.
Known as the Erzerum treaties, these documents give Iran a droit de regard (the right of oversight) over Iraq's principal .
In Greenmantle, when it's clear that the bloody battle of Erzerum is going the right way, Hannay's sidekick Sandy Arbuthnot exclaims, "Oh, well done our side