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 (ĕs-kô-fyā′), Auguste 1846-1935.
French chef of grand hotels, such as the Savoy and Carlton in London. He wrote several cookery books, including Le Guide culinaire (1903).


(French ɛskɔfje)
(Biography) (Georges) Auguste (oɡyst). 1846–1935, French chef at the Savoy Hotel, London (1890–99)


(ɛs kɔˈfyeɪ)

Georges Auguste, 1846–1935, French chef and author of cookbooks.
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Founded over 60 years ago, the global association is named after the legendary French chef Auguste Escoffier, who is credited with codifying the foundations of contemporary cooking and technique in his 1903 publication A guide to modern cookery, as well as creating kitchen structures that are still used today.
Carax seems less interested in developing his film's heist premise than in creating set pieces that give Escoffier something to shoot -- as when Alex leaps out a plane to save Anna, who's fainted after Marc bullies her to try skydiving.
In the delightful foodie stories throughout the twenty-nine chapters of Eating Eternity, we dine with a fascinating cast of historical figures: Louis XIV, Dom Perignon, Napoleon, Victor Hugo, Escoffier, Hemingway, Dali, and others, and learn how food influenced the country's kitchens, dining tables, canvas, and printed page.
Interestingly, the RitzCoffier at Burgenstock Resort's Palace Hotel pays tribute to Auguste Escoffier and Cesar Ritz.
Part of the proceeds raised from the four hands Escoffier Epicurean Dinner benefited the lone Philippine delegate to the Young Talent Escoffier Competition 2017 and Training Kitchen for Le Club Disciples Escoffier (Junior Chefs).
This event, organised by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and chef Alain Ducasse, is inspired by Auguste Escoffier, who launched the "Diners d'Epicure" (Epicurean Dinners) initiative in 1912: the same menu, on the same day, in several world cities, for as many guests as possible.
It's a riff on the famous Peach Melba, that classic dessert created by the celebrated chef Auguste Escoffier in 1892.
It was at this worldfamous hotel the chef Escoffier, pictured in middle drawing, first created the peach melba for operatic diva Dame Nellie.
August Escoffier, "king of chefs and chef of kings", was in charge of the Savoy's restaurant kitchen.
Contract notice for Refurbishment work of fire safety systems of two high schools in the Val d'Oise (95): Auguste Escoffier School in Eragny / s / Oise; Edmond Rostand school in Saint Ouen l'Aumone
Earlier this month it emerged gran Marie Campbell was professionally trained at the renowed Escole Escoffier cookery school in Paris and had worked as a professional baker.
Marie had received some criticism after it was revealed that she trained in patisserie at the Ecole Escoffier at the Paris Ritz over 30 years ago.