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a.1.Drawn outside of; - used to designate a circle that touches one of the sides of a given triangle, and also the other two sides produced.
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escribed as "a festive treat for all the family" the show has been put together and will be performed by 31 of the college's theatre students with make up by the college's production arts students.
ESCRIBED as "a lively suburb" with a cosmopolitan vibe, there's a good reason why Moseley, listed in the Domesday Book in 1086 as "Museleie", is worthy of this accolade.
he gin they picked escribed as a mpletely new style in".
They commented on the positive culture, the leadership by the head teacher and the knowledgeable teaching assistants, and escribed pupils' behaviour as good.
D escribed as a fusion of drama and documentary, 20,000 Days On Earth is also the debut feature film by iain Forsyth and Jane pollard.
He concludes that the martyrs' conduct at their executions and the way that martyrologists d escribed their subjects' motives had a decisive role in influencing the development of community memory.
23) The figure should not participate in a multi-figured narrative composition, the social "istoria" d escribed by Alberti in his On Painting, but should rather stand alone, isolated, and independent.
But the clinic can only assist membe rs from abr oad if they go to Switzerland to drink a lethal bar bitura te, which must be pr escribed b y a Swiss doc-tor.
Previous samples have a revealed that the variety of fish has not been correct and been wrongly d l escribed as a more expensive type.
Second-half goals from Luis Suarez and ndy Carroll got a hugely relieved arragher out of trouble - no wonder he escribed Carroll's late winner as "worth s pounds 35m transfer fee".
Seven researchers, including David Vocadlo, a Simon Fraser University chemistry professor and Canada Research Chair in Chemical Glycobiology, escribed how they've used an inhibitor they have chemically created - Thiamet-G - to stop O-GlcNAcase, a naturally occurring enzyme, from depleting the protein Tau of sugar molecules.