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ESD candidates are welcome to submit a candidate statement (300 words or less) and one photo (head-shot style) to be included in the Voter Guide which will be mailed out along with the ballot to each elector.
The newest ESD simulator to market, EM Test's NX30, is the first developed under Ametek CTS with collaboration of both Teseq and EM Test engineers and product developers.
The Polyonics ESD-Safe materials provide surface resistances of greater than 10A4 and less than 10A11 Ohms and low charging pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) and liners that produce less than 125V with liner removal, allowing them to be safely used with ESDS devices.
These categories cover a large set of conditions in data centers and are based on using ESD or non-ESD floors and shoes.
Berman said in October that by withdrawing completely from Lane ESD, the district would have saved about $1 million.
The existing standards, standard test methods, standard practices and technical reports assist in the design and monitoring of the electrostatic protected area (EPA), and also assist in the stress testing of ESD sensitive electronic components.
ESD products for which coatings are important fall into a number of categories, including packaging (bags, totes, shipping containers); environmental protection (flooring, mats, furniture, and clothing); and materials that provide permanent protection of an enclosed or covered device (typically bulk-loaded plastics or coatings, including transparent coatings for rigid and flexible substrates such as displays and windows).
At that time, protection against ESD was approximately a $50 million per year industry.
In the past few years, scores of facilities have struggled with ESD damage directly resulting from limitations of the standard ESD controls used so effectively for the past 30 years.
TDK developed a new material with excellent attenuation characteristics at high frequencies, something that has not been possible with previous ESD countermeasure components.
The symposium is organized in three tracks: ESD test, failure analysis, and systems (TFAS); factory, materials, and ESD control (FMEC); and device, design, and technology (DDT).