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(ˌɛs mɛˈrɑl dɑs)

a seaport in NW Ecuador. 141,030.
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In order to go and see the Esmeralda," replied Jupiter piteously.
With it you and Esmeralda will be comparatively safe in this cabin while I am searching for your father and Mr.
When Jane and Esmeralda found themselves safely behind the cabin door the Negress's first thought was to barricade the portal from the inside.
At last, disengaging herself from the frantic clutch of the still shrieking Esmeralda, Jane crossed the room to look into the little cradle, knowing what she should see there even before the tiny skeleton disclosed itself in all its pitiful and pathetic frailty.
Quickly, with an impatient stamp of her little foot, she endeavored to shake off the gloomy forebodings, and turning to Esmeralda bade her cease her wailing.
Lord John Roxton has chartered a large steam launch, the Esmeralda, which was to carry us up the river.
In our own case the excellent engines of the Esmeralda could disregard the sluggish flow of the stream, and we made as rapid progress as if we were navigating a stagnant lake.
It was August 2nd when we snapped our last link with the outer world by bidding farewell to the Esmeralda.
En 1864 Tomas Cipriano de Mosquera destino para obsequiar al gobierno del Peru la esmeralda mas valiosa extraida de las minas de Muzo en ese ano, la cual fue reportada como perdida por el administrador de las minas y que fue reemplazada por cinco gangas o lotes de de esmeraldas comunes (32), que en su lugar fueron entregadas al gobierno peruano.
San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) has purchased 20 megawatts (MW) of geothermal electricity from Esmeralda Truckhaven Geothermal LLC, to begin delivery in 2010.
Nevertheless, Sarafina does not escape death at an early age, and Ree ends up with her grandmother Esmeralda and teenagers Tom and Jay-Tee.
Reason and her mother have been on the run, in the Australian outback, for most of Reason's 15 years, hiding from her dangerous grandmother, Esmeralda.