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(ˌɛs mɛˈrɑl dɑs)

a seaport in NW Ecuador. 141,030.
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In order to go and see the Esmeralda," replied Jupiter piteously.
With it you and Esmeralda will be comparatively safe in this cabin while I am searching for your father and Mr.
When Jane and Esmeralda found themselves safely behind the cabin door the Negress's first thought was to barricade the portal from the inside.
At last, disengaging herself from the frantic clutch of the still shrieking Esmeralda, Jane crossed the room to look into the little cradle, knowing what she should see there even before the tiny skeleton disclosed itself in all its pitiful and pathetic frailty.
Quickly, with an impatient stamp of her little foot, she endeavored to shake off the gloomy forebodings, and turning to Esmeralda bade her cease her wailing.
Lord John Roxton has chartered a large steam launch, the Esmeralda, which was to carry us up the river.
In our own case the excellent engines of the Esmeralda could disregard the sluggish flow of the stream, and we made as rapid progress as if we were navigating a stagnant lake.
It was August 2nd when we snapped our last link with the outer world by bidding farewell to the Esmeralda.
7-magnitude earthquake at 03:00 local time today hit the coastal provinces of Esmeraldas and Manabi, an OCP official told Argus.
KUWAIT, April 18 (KUNA) -- His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah has addressed a cable to President of the Ecuador Rafael Correa expressing deep condolences and sincere solace over demise of citizens in the devastating earthquake that hit the province of Esmeraldas.
LA aparicion de unas fotos de Corinna con el collar y los pendientes de esmeraldas y diamantes que pertenecio a la condesa viuda de Romanones y que esta decidio vender en una subasta en Sotheby's de Ginebra, en mayo de 2011, han vuelto a poner en el punto de mira a la amiga entranable de don Juan Carlos.
Problemas na extracao de perolas e esmeraldas no Novo Reino de Granada: o relatorio de Pedro Puch (1766)