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Noun1.Esox - type and only genus of the family EsocidaeEsox - type and only genus of the family Esocidae
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Esocidae, family Esocidae - pikes; pickerels; muskellunges
pike - any of several elongate long-snouted freshwater game and food fishes widely distributed in cooler parts of the northern hemisphere
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Notice of Contract Award: Process innovation - a significant improvement in esox manufacturing processes
Rezervuarin baliklarina yonelik ilk bilgi Ninni (1923) tarafindan verilmis olup Esox lucius L.
Duration of Initial References motility velocity (s or min) ([mu]m/s) Fresh-water fish species Esox lucius 60-80 s 160-170 [37] Oreochromis >30 min 70-80 [38] mossambicus Anguilla anguilla <30 min 120-160 [39] Carassius auratus 3 min at ND [40] 18-21[degrees]C Cyprinus carpio 200 s 140 [41] Salmo irideus 60-105 s ND [42] Sea-water fish species Thunnus thynnus 140 s 215-230 [43] Merluccius merluccius 400-500 s 65-130 [43] Gadus morhua 700-800 s 130 [43, 44] Dicentrarchus labrax 50-60 s 120 [45] Acipenser persicus 1.
mordax (Mitchill)--Rainbow Smelt (I) Umbridae Umbra limi (Kirtland)--Central Mudminnow (N) Esocidae Esox americanus vermiculatus Lesueur-- Grass Pickerel (N) Esox lucius Linnaeus--Northern Pike (N) Esox masquinongy Mitchill--Muskellunge (N) Cyprinidae Campostoma a.
For them - and quite rightly too - esox lucius is a valuable resource, a sport fish to be cherished and treated with respect.
What is the common name for the Esox genus of freshwater fish, which can reach six feet in length?
Posteriormente se describio un fibrosarcoma en Gadus morhua (36) y carcinomas embrionarios en Esox lucius (12).
Elopidae 180 XXVI(2) smithi Esox affinis* Esox niger Esocidae 198 XXVII(1) Esox ravenelii* Esox americanus Esocidae 201 XXVII(2) Trachinotus Trachinotus goodei Carangidae 192 XXVIII(1) glaucus* Huenudon ?
In terms of metabolic changes, some fish such as northern pike, Esox lucius, and golden perch, Macquaria ambigua, use lipids as a primary and early source of energy during starvation (Ince and Thorpe, 1976; Collins and Anderson, 1995), whereas others such as red porgy, Pagrus pagrus, use muscle protein (Rueda et al.
2B), pike Esox lucius (35%) and roach (27%) were more important than gudgeon (16%) and stickleback (8%), their relative biomass importance being influenced by a few large individuals.
Fathead Minnows, Pimephales promelas, learn to recognize Northern Pike, Esox lucius, as predators on the basis of chemical stimuli from minnows in the pike's diet.