Essential character

(Biol.) the prominent characteristics which serve to distinguish one genus, species, etc., from another.

See also: Essential

References in classic literature ?
Now the head, the hand, and such things are substances, and it is possible to know their essential character definitely, but it does not necessarily follow that we should know that to which they are related.
The Civic Society's view is that there should be a strong presumption in favour of retaining the fabric and essential character of listed buildings, allowing that, where appropriate, internal works to make them capable of a beneficial use can be done.
The essential character of the car changes from something a little bit cutesy and twee to something that is decidedly malevolent in its intent.
The clean-sheet design of both Mustang fastback and convertible evokes the essential character of the brand, retaining key design elements -- including the long sculpted hood and short rear deck -- with contemporary execution.
The 2+2 cabin further emphasizes the essential character of the GT86, with a cockpit designed around the driver, front sports seats, aluminum pedals and contrasting red stitching around the black leather trimmed steering wheel, gear knob and parking brake.
predictable control to protect Newton s essential character and quality of life.
Every time I look across from my office in the new school buildings to the wonderfully named Grammar School Gardens, I am thrilled to see that the essential character of the much loved old school has been sensitively integrated into the new development by Bellway.
Commedia dell'arte gave rise to the harlequinade, who, though we usually instantly recognise as being a theatrical invention and which used to be an essential character in pantomime, has sadly declined and is now rarely seen.
The theme of this year's forum, 'Innovative partnerships for economic growth,' is an essential character of Dubai.
This partnership and the initiatives we're embarking on with Save the Children provide us with meaningful ways to teach our students essential character development lessons and engage our entire community in a common cause that supports our mission to forge a path to a brighter future for all children," said Primrose Schools president and CEO Jo Kirchner.
A camp where male mentors would take my boys under their wings and do 'guy' stuff with them, all the while teaching them essential character traits needed to become a man of honor.
However, the sea was an essential character in works by Defoe and Swift, causing questions about where things actually took place, and Gulliver's and Crusoe's cartographic representations finally placed the action in a real (or imagined, charged by reality) scene.

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