Establishment of the port

(Hydrography) a datum on which the tides are computed at the given port, obtained by observation, viz., the interval between the moon's passage over the meridian and the time of high water at the port, on the days of new and full moon.

See also: Establishment

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He also expressed his pleasure at the pace taken for the establishment of the port.
Undertaking the statutory role of exercising all required jurisdiction over the water area of the Port, Captain Kufuna's role among others, is to provide safe and efficient access to the Port for Namibia's trading and fishing partners; and to ensure compliance to the Act of establishment of the Port Authority.
He said there were fears that the establishment of the Port Inquiry into the murder of solicitor Rosemary Nelson is being granted huge resources, alongside a large scale inquiry into the death of Pat Finucane while the investigation into the murders of the two policemen is all but inactive.
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