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 (ĕs′trə-mə-do͞or′ə, ĕs′trä-mä-tho͞o′rä)
1. A historical region and former province of western Portugal surrounding Lisbon.
2. A historical region of west-central Spain bordering on Portugal. Reconquered from the Moors in the 1100s and 1200s, it was frequently a battlefield in the Spanish territorial wars with Portugal and in the Peninsular War fought between France and Great Britain (1808-1814).

Es′tre·ma·du′ran adj. & n.


(ˌɛs trə məˈdʊər ə)

also Extremadura

a region in W Spain, formerly a province.
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Doctoral Thesis analyzed by region and percentage of total Doctoral Thesis on Guidance Counselling and educational Vocational and guidance career guidance Total Regions N % N % N % Andalusia 14 26% 4 14% 18 22% Aragon 2 4% 0 0 2 2% Canary Islands 1 2% 0 0 1 1% Castile and Leon 6 11% 3 10% 9 11% Catalonia 7 13% 6 21% 13 16% Valencia 2 4% 7 24% 9 11% State 2 4% 2 7% 4 5% Estremadura 4 8% 0 0 4 5% Galicia 4 8% 5 17% 9 11% Madrid 6 11% 2 7% 8 10% Murcia 1 2% 0 0 1 1% The Basque 4 8% 0 0 4 5% Country Total 53 100% 29 100% 82 100% Table 4.
Oddbins' new regime are doing brilliantly with their attractive 20 per cent, 12-bottle discounts and superb wines, such as this red from Portugal's Estremadura region.
AaAa The Moroccan community in Spain should continue its mobilization to unveil the maneuvers hatched by the adversaries of Morocco's territorial integrity, Ameur said in a meeting with representatives of Moroccan associations in the autonomous Spanish regions of Andalousia and Estremadura (South and South-West of Spain).
The Chalcolithic of Portuguese Estremadura is subdivided into three principal cultural phases, seen for example in the stratified sequence at Leceia, supported by almost 40 published radiocarbon dates (Cardoso & Soares 1996).
Portugal's grape-growing terrain ranges from clay and chalk in the Bairrada region to windblown Estremadura, a mountainous interior offering sun-drenched slopes, and the Douro River Valley, just to name a few of the ten major growing regions.
When the Siege of Madrid began on 7 November 1936, Madrofial fought in the sector near the Estremadura highway.
Onto the reds, the Quinta das Setencostas, DOC Estremadura 2006 (pounds 6.
I must just observe that the village of Cintra in Estremadura is
Curiously, many of the Franciscans who arrived during this early period were from the regions of Estremadura and Andalucia, Spain.
El Sanson de Estremadura es una nueva edicion de los textos principales que tienen que ver con su vida.
Made by Jose Neiva of Estremadura with Australian David Baverstock, Pink Elephant Rose is a Portuguese blend of Castelao, Cabernet Sauvignonand Douro grapes.
The Estoril Coast, Sintra, southern Estremadura, and the Setubal Peninsula are all within easy driving distance.