Etat Major

E`tat´ Ma`jor´

1.(Mil.) The staff of an army, including all officers above the rank of colonel, also, all adjutants, inspectors, quartermasters, commissaries, engineers, ordnance officers, paymasters, physicians, signal officers, judge advocates; also, the noncommissioned assistants of the above officers.
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Address: Dialysis unit, First Medico- Surgical Hospital, Etat Major Zone Sud, Agadir, Morocco
Saleh Ali Al Mohayya, The Chief of General Staff received here today Vice-Admiral Philippe Combes, the Assistant to the Chief of French Staff for International Relations ( Etat Major des armees (EMA) le sous-chef Relations Internationales et Vice-amiral.
Major organization : DEeFENSE ETAT MAJOR DES ARMEeES