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1. Eastern Time
2. elapsed time
3. extraterrestrial


the internet domain name for
(Computer Science) Ethiopia


the chemical symbol for
(Chemistry) ethyl


abbreviation for
1. (Education) Employment Training: a government scheme offering training in technological and business skills to unemployed people
2. Egypt (international car registration)


a noun suffix occurring orig. in loanwords from French or Italian, typically diminutives or nouns denoting an example or instance of something, or a group or member of a group having a specified number ( bullet; hatchet; islet; turret; doublet; quartet); of limited productivity in English ( baronet; octet; quintuplet; swimmeret), sometimes as a variant of -let before stems ending in syllabic l ( eaglet; owlet).Compare -ette.
[Middle English < Old French -et (masculine) or -ette (feminine); or < Italian -etto,-etta]


or E.T.,

Eastern time.


(US) abbr of Eastern TimeOstküstenzeit f
References in classic literature ?
In answer to his politely sinister, prolonged glance of inquiry, I overheard Dona Rita murmuring, with some confusion and annoyance, "VOUS ETES BETE MON CHER.
That you're a fool, que vous etes un sot, but everybody knew that.
Vous etes bien jeune--trop jeune pour le role que vous allez jouer; il faut prendre garde--savez-vous?
9] "Nous n'avons pas ete moins saisis d'etonnement a la vue de l'innombrable quantite de pierres de touts grandeurs, bouleversees les unes sur les autres, et cependent rangees, comme si elles avoient ete amoncelees negligemment pour remplir des ravins.
In a lengthy dissent, Chief Justice Strine criticized the Supreme Court majority for accepting the Court of Chancerys terse conclusion that the failure to issue the tax opinion was not influenced by ETEs conduct.
Nos Etes II is coming to Video on Demand (VoD) as a result of an agreement between the TVA network, which produced the program, Archambault Group, which holds the operating licence for the VoD service, and Videotron, all of which contributed to the financing of the production.
Exchange as tax free under Section 721(a); and that because Williams has failed to demonstrate that ETE has materially breached its contractual obligation to undertake commercially reasonable efforts to receive such an opinion.
A Bagdad, un employe du ministere de la Justice est mort et son epouse a ete grievement blessee dans l'explosion d'un engin piege attache a leur voiture, a-t-on appris de sources policiere et medicale.
Avant de s'installer au Yukon, il a ete dans les Forces annees canadiennes pendant 22 ans, principalement au sein du Lord Strathcona Horse (Royal Canadians) et du Service de cartographie.
de Mulder (Commission Geologique des Pays-Bas) a ete nomme President du Conseil des Officiers de l'Annee Internationale de la Planete Terre.