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 (brĭth′ən, -ŏn′)
1. An ancient Celtic Briton. No longer in scholarly use.
2. A member of a Brittonic-speaking people. No longer in scholarly use.

[Welsh, from Latin Brittonēs, Britons; see Briton.]


(Peoples) a Celt who speaks a Brythonic language. Compare Goidel
[C19: from Welsh; see Briton]
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MILLION minority ethnic Britons are at risk of becoming poorer faster as a result of the Tory budget, a report claims.
Third, I work on a United Kingdom wide basis on Black and Minority Ethnic issues; and CEMVO in most parts of England and Scotland have the reputation of competing for funds against local organisations so that they can claim to be THE VOICE of Black and Minority Ethnic Britons.