racial segregation

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Noun1.racial segregation - segregation by race
petty apartheid - racial segregation enforced primarily in public transportation and hotels and restaurants and other public places
separatism, segregation - a social system that provides separate facilities for minority groups
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This creates multiple challenges for the Union, including the gender and ethnic segregation of migrant groups, especially women.
The consequences of the invasion, the military occupation and forcible division of the island, violations of human rights, massive colonization of occupied territory, the seizure of property, the destruction of cultural heritage and ethnic segregation is still continuing," the Cypriot foreign ministry website states.
One of the basic reasons for the declining interest in voting is said to be the slow resolution of everyday problems as against the constant raising of ethnic issues that imply ethnic segregation.
Andisha said that in a country, which is coming out of decades of war and destruction and ethnic segregation, sport could play a very important role and reunite people, also making an analogy to rugby.
Ethnic segregation in the education system has also resulted in the lack of mutual knowledge as well as sentiments of alienation in the long term.
Political and socioeconomic forces have led to systemic racial and ethnic segregation, with important implications for community health (Morello-Frosch 2002; Morello-Frosch and Lopez 2006).
An official commission's report in April into the unrest suggested voluntary family planning to stem a high birthrate among the Rohingya that it said stoked tensions, as well as the short-term continuation of ethnic segregation in the state.
Sociologists look at the great variety of patterns and trends in social and ethnic segregation in cities in different regions of world, at the limited impact this variety has had on the dominant explanatory schemes in urban theory, and at the shortcomings of the theory in making sense of the diverse forms of segregation.
The Labour leader admitted his party had failed to control immigration or deal with racial and ethnic segregation in Britain's cities during its last spell in government.
Everything happening there was both predictable and predicted: a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, increasing sectarianism and ethnic segregation, the polarization of extremes and the silencing of moderates, de-stabilization of neighboring countries, infiltration by terrorist groups, and a bloodbath from which the country could take decades to recover.
Sheinbaum considers the ways in which enclosure reinforced ethnic segregation in Mexico City from its redevelopment in 1521 under Hernan Cortes to present day suburban enclaves.
The co-executive directors of the Abraham Fund, Amnon Be'eri-Sulitzeanu and Mohammad Darawsheh said "This law establishes a mechanism of ethnic segregation between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel, under the auspices of the Knesset.