black studies

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black′ stud′ies

a program of studies in black history and culture offered by a school or college.
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That's why Olivos has invited the creators of a recently released documentary, "Precious Knowledge," to the UO law center on Wednesday for a screening of the film, which chronicles a public school battle raging in Arizona: the right of the Tucson United School District to offer ethnic studies to its 50,000-plus students, more than half of whom are Latino.
com, journalist Melik Kaylan defends Arizona s anti-Ethnic Studies act (introduced as House Bill 2281) by asserting that Ethnic Studies underestimates students of color.
Other districts say that although they teach ethnic studies, they do so not as a separate program, so they don't expect to be affected by the new legislation.
Simultaneously, PAS is central to the broader academic movement of Ethnic Studies, which includes Asian American Studies, Chicana/o Studies, Latina/o Studies, and Native American Studies.
Contributors in Latino studies, sociology, law, ethnic studies, multicultural literatures, and media studies offer brief overview essays on 63 words and concepts related to the academic study of social and cultural identity in Latino culture.
When 16-year-old Adan Zylberberg was in need of a book about Malcolm X for an ethnic studies project, Elizabeth Close handed him a copy of "Malcolm X: A Graphic Biography," which brought to life the civil rights activist's history in vivid black and white drawings.
Although neither selected as representative of the field of Canadian ethnic studies, nor comprehensive, the articles in this special issue of Canadian Ethnic Studies/Etudes ethniques au Canada, commemorating Canada's 150 years, do provide a good sense of the contemporary state of ethnic studies in Canada.
in Ethnic Studies before joining SUNY Stony Brook's Department of Asian and Asian American Studies.
I share this experience in hopes of reminding Ethnic Studies scholars of our power and purpose.
2120, to expand a state ban on ethnic studies programs in K-12 schools to colleges and universities.
Jerry Brown vetoed a controversial bill that would mandate the teaching of ethnic studies in public schools across the state, a new bill calling for the instruction of ethnic studies is gaining momentum, with sources close to Brown saying he will likely sign it if it appears on his desk.