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1. The branch of ethnobiology that studies the plant lore and agricultural customs of a people.
2. The study of such lore and customs.

eth′no·bo·tan′i·cal (-bə-tăn′ĭ-kəl) adj.
eth′no·bo·tan′i·cal·ly adv.
eth′no·bot′a·nist n.


(Botany) the branch of botany concerned with the use of plants in folklore, religion, etc
ˌethnoˈbotanist n


(ˌɛθ noʊˈbɒt n i)

1. the plant lore and agricultural customs of a people.
2. the systematic study of such lore and customs.
[1885–90, Amer.]
eth`no•bo•tan′ic (-bəˈtæn ɪk) eth`no•bo•tan′i•cal, adj.
eth`no•bot′a•nist, n.


a specialty in botany that studies the lore and uses of plants as illustrative of the customs of a (usually primitive) society. — ethnobotanist, n.ethnobotanic, ethnobotanical, adj.
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According to an ethno-botanist friend of mine, teak is considered 'mahajan tree' by the adivasis.
Catherine Gamble, 18, Rohan Kirpekar, 18, and Grace Young, 15, of Trinity School in Manhattan, were guided by DNA "barcoding" experts at The Rockefeller University, an ethno-botanist at Tufts University and a molecular botany expert at The New York Botanical Garden.
Personable presenter James Wong is an ethno-botanist, a scientist who studies how people use plants.
An ethno-botanist in the natural products industry, Hughes describes selected aspects and selected examples of incense in order to alert readers to the nature, variety, and scope of plants that are used--mostly burnt--to produce mostly pleasing aromas.