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 (yo͞o-bē′ə) also Ev·voia (ĕv′yä)
An island of central Greece in the Aegean Sea east of the mainland. It was settled by Ionian and Thracian colonists and was later controlled by Athens, Rome, Byzantium, Venice, and Turkey before becoming part of Greece in 1830.


(Placename) an island in the W Aegean Sea: the largest island after Crete of the Greek archipelago; linked with the mainland by a bridge across the Euripus channel. Capital: Chalcis. Pop: 198 130 (2001). Area: 3908 sq km (1509 sq miles). Modern Greek name: Évvoia Former English name: Negropont


(yuˈbi ə)

a Greek island in the W Aegean Sea. 188,410; 1586 sq. mi. (4110 sq. km). Cap.: Chalcis. Modern Greek, Evvoia.
Eu•boe′an, adj., n.
Eu•bo′ic (-ˈboʊ ɪk) adj.
References in classic literature ?
So we asked heaven for a sign, and were shown one to the effect that we should be soonest out of danger if we headed our ships across the open sea to Euboea.
With him there came forty ships of the Locrians who dwell beyond Euboea.
The fierce Abantes held Euboea with its cities, Chalcis, Eretria, Histiaea rich in vines, Cerinthus upon the sea, and the rock-perched town of Dium; with them were also the men of Carystus and Styra; Elephenor of the race of Mars was in command of these; he was son of Chalcodon, and chief over all the Abantes.
The only other personal reference is to his victory in a poetical contest at the funeral games of Amphidamas at Chalcis in Euboea, where he won the prize, a tripod, which he dedicated to the Muses of Helicon ("Works and Days", 651-9).
1-2) is to be connected with notices of the allies of the Lapithae from Phthiotis and Iolchus, and that the story of Io was incidental to a narrative of Heracles' expedition against Euboea.
In 323 Alexander died, and when the anti-Macedonian faction gained strength in Athens, Aristotle found it expedient to leave and moved to Chalcis in Euboea where he died the following year.
The cities of Euboea, from which Athens received much of its food, revolted, thus forcing Athens to divert forces to subdue them (1.
Two of his newest acquisitions are websites devoted to the Greek islands of Antiparos and Euboea.
Contract notice: Removal of hazardous and non-waste places of ee euboea - boeotia.
The prehistory of the Paximadi Peninsula, Euboea (Prehistory Monographs 40).
Geraistos: A son of Poseidon gave his name to the bare promontory sheltering the one harbor on the deadly Cavo D'Oro seaway of southern Euboea.
he left the Lyceum and took refuge in Chalcis on the island of Euboea.