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Noun1.Eucharistic liturgy - a Christian sacrament commemorating the Last Supper by consecrating bread and wineEucharistic liturgy - a Christian sacrament commemorating the Last Supper by consecrating bread and wine
sacrament - a formal religious ceremony conferring a specific grace on those who receive it; the two Protestant ceremonies are baptism and the Lord's Supper; in the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church there are seven traditional rites accepted as instituted by Jesus: baptism and confirmation and Holy Eucharist and penance and holy orders and matrimony and extreme unction
Offertory - the part of the Eucharist when bread and wine are offered to God
Communion, Holy Communion, manduction, sacramental manduction - the act of participating in the celebration of the Eucharist; "the governor took Communion with the rest of the congregation"
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The history of the development of the liturgy and its symbolic interpretations is compressed into 16 pages: there is no mention of how baptisms are celebrated, nor of the pastoral rites of marriage and burial: only the Eucharistic liturgy is described.
Brennan, who was a Jesuit for 75 years and a priest for 63 years, spent the last two years of his life under restricted ministry because he had participated in a eucharistic liturgy with a Roman Catholic woman priest in November 2012.
For example, I will refer briefly to the eucharistic liturgy of St John Chrysostom.
Chapter 6 reengages the eschatological imagination through attending to the liturgy and social justice as well as moments and actors in the sacred drama of the Eucharistic Liturgy.
They frequented the Eucharistic liturgy regularly and their lives were regulated by the liturgical seasons.
In our eucharistic liturgy, the offertory is often accompanied by a hymn.
Christians who appreciate the eucharistic liturgy will readily agree with the Vatican's statement that the eucharist is "the source and summit of the life and mission of the Church.
A Eucharistic Liturgy of Christian Burial will be celebrated Tuesday February 19th at 11 am in St.
It is true that the historical events of our redemption have already taken place in advance, as it were, but as Christians we are called on to undergo a continuous process of redemption in our earthly life, a process in which liturgy, and in particular the Eucharistic liturgy, plays a major role.
Concisely describing the concept of the Paschal mystery and its role in the Eucharistic Liturgy, The Way Of Mystery clearly explains the liturgy of the eucharist as a fundamental source of spiritual renewal and strength.
A decrease in the eucharistic liturgy as the main focus of our Catholic identity.
Our eucharistic liturgy provides us with the opportunity to live up to the exhortation that Paul provides in Philippians.