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 (yo͞o-jē′nē, œ-zhā-nē′) 1826-1920.
Empress of France (1853-1871) as the wife of Napoleon III. She acted as regent during the emperor's absences and is thought to have influenced events leading to the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, which ended in defeat for France.


(French øʒeni)
(Biography) original name Eugénia Maria de Montijo de Guzman, Comtesse de Téba. 1826–1920, Empress of France (1853–71) as wife of Napoleon III


(œ ʒeɪˈni)

Comtesse de Teba (Marie Eugénie de Montijo de Guzmán), 1826–1920, wife of Napoleon III, born in Spain: Empress of France 1853–71.
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But Michael never sailed out of Tulagi, nigger-chaser on the Eugenie.
When I was wrecked in the Solomons on the blackbirder, the Minota, it was Captain Kellar, master of the blackbirder, the Eugenie, who rescued me.
Eugenie Danglars; I cannot in conscience, therefore, let you run down the speeches of a man who will one day say to me, `Vicomte, you know I give my daughter two millions.
No," replied Morcerf, "my father is most anxious about it; and I hope, ere long, to introduce you, if not to my wife, at least to my betrothed -- Mademoiselle Eugenie Danglars.
Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice joined the (https://www.
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When Princess Eugenie announced her engagement, she wore a dress by Erdem Moralioglu, sparking speculation she might ask him to create her wedding gown.
PRINCESS Eugenie has been praised by her fiance's grandmother for agreeing to marry her "charming" grandson - but joked he is "not the most intelligent".
THE engagement of Princess Eugenie and long-term boyfriend Jack Brooksbank has been described as "total joy" by the bride-tobe's mother, Sarah, Duchess of York.
PRINCESS Eugenie cried when boyfriend Jack Brooksbank went down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage, and she revealed the proposal was a "complete surprise" but the "perfect moment".
PRINCESS Eugenie wears a beaming smile - and a huge sapphire ring - after getting engaged to boyfriend Jack Brooksbank.
Eugenie is one of the finest people I know and so together it will be pure harmony.