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Noun1.Eumops - mastiff bats
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
family Molossidae, Molossidae - mastiff bats; freetail bats
mastiff bat - a soft-furred chocolate-brown bat with folded ears and small wings; often runs along the ground
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They are Eumops floridanus, among the rarest mammals in the world," adds Bohn.
Body temperature, oxygen consumption, heart rate and shivering in the California mastiff bat, Eumops perotis.
53 Order Chiroptera -- -- -- Eumops bonariensis -- -- -- Molossus molossus Tadarida brasiliensis -- -- -- Order Rodentia (native) 11.
First record of albinism in the bar Eumops glacinus (Molossidae) from Southeastern Brazil.
1 Pipistrellus hesperus, western pipistrelle x -- -- Molossidae Eumops perotis, western mastiff bat x -- -- Tadarida brasiliensis, Brazilian free-tailed bat x -- -- RODENTIA Aplodontidae Aplodontia rgM, mountain beaver x -- 1 Sciuridae Glaucomys sabrinus, northern flying squirrel x -- -- Marmota flaviventris, yellow-bellied marmot x -- -- Sciurus griseus, western gray squirrel x -- -- Sciurus sp.
Six other bat species were examined: Rhinolophus rouxi (n = 1), Pteronotus parnellii (n = 2), Pteronotus quadridens (n = 1), Natalus stramineus (n = 1), Eumops perotis (n = 1) and Leptonycteris sp (n = 1).
One exception was a Eumops perotis that tested positive for rabies, submitted in 2010.
Recent investigations of bat communities in the Trans-Pecos region of Texas provided noteworthy records for six species (Myotis californicus, Myotis volans, Lasiurus borealis, Nyctinomops femorosaccus, Nyctinomops macrotis and Eumops perotis).
subflavus, Eptesicus fuscus, Myotis velifer, Tadarida brasiliensis, Rhinolophus rouxi, Pteronotus parnellii, Pteronotus quadridens, Natalus stramineus, Eumops perotis and Leptonycteris sp.
Geographic distribution of the greater mastiff bat Eumops perotis is unusual in that there are two widely disjunct regions of occurrence.