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Noun1.Euphausiacea - small commonly luminescent crustaceans; important element of marine plankton: krill
animal order - the order of animals
Malacostraca, subclass Malacostraca - largest subclass of Crustacea including most of the well-known marine, freshwater, and terrestrial crustaceans: crabs; lobsters; shrimps; sow bugs; beach flies
krill - shrimp-like planktonic crustaceans; major source of food for e.g. baleen whales
Euphausia pacifica - food for jellyfish
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Taxonomic composition and distribution of Euphausiacea and Decapoda (Crustacea) in the neuston of the Bay of Fundy, Canada, J.
Small hakes feed daily on small Euphausiacea (Nictiphanes couchi).