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combining form
a variant of euro-


var. of Euro- before a vowel: Eurasian.


a suffix occurring in loanwords from French, usu. agent nouns formed from verbs (entrepreneur; voyeur), less commonly adjectives (agent provocateur).
[< French; Old French -o(u)r < Latin -ōr- -or2 and -eo(u)r < Latin -ātōr- -ator; see -tor]


1. Europe.
2. European.
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In July 2014 the increase was of EUR 74M, compared to a increase of EUR 246.
This performance in our core business segment has prompted us to propose to the Annual General Meeting that a dividend of EUR 0.
Second place on the rich list goes to cement king Sean Quinn, 59, worth a cool EUR 2.
Say, Eur 2-plus for Smurfit and some SSCC shares--that might be the form of the deal, but of course then that will make it a lot more complicated," noted one analyst.
Telecom market regulator allots EUR 1mn for another 100 telecentres
Smolyan city council approves EUR 270mn investment in ski tourism
The acquisition of EUR provides Intec with a center of competence in outsourced billing and business services which, when combined with its existing Carrier Access Billing (CABS) and retail billing service bureaus, will make it one of the leading players in this market.
The loans are granted pursuant to a EUR 25 billion credit facility agreement ('CFA') and the funds will be used to carry the completion of the rail line connecting Turin, Milan, Rome and Naples -- more than 900km of high speed railway track.
The maximum and minimum budget for each batch will be as follows a) tourist office at the airport 86,000 eur, Plus 6,020 eur for igic, The bids being never lower than 77,000 eur, Plus 5 390 eur for igic .
Single-party framework agreement with purchase orders with minimum and maximum: - 1st year: 30 000 eur ht / 200 000 eur ht, - 2nd year: 30 000 eur ht / 200 000 eur ht, - 3rd year: 10,000 eur ht / 100,000 eur ht, - 4th year: 10 000 eur ht / 100 000 eur ht, - total: 80,000 eur before tax / 600,000 eur before tax.
EUR Systems announced Wednesday that FiberNet, LLC, West Virginia's leading competitive telecommunications service provider, has outsourced its remittance processing needs to EUR.