house music

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house music

A style of electronic dance music with a heavy, synthesized bass and drum lines and rapid tempos, originally popularized at parties held in abandoned warehouses.

[After (The Ware)house, nightclub in Chicago where it was first popularized.]

House music



(Music, other) a type of disco music originating in the late 1980s, based on funk, with fragments of other recordings edited in electronically

house′ mu`sic

an up-tempo style of disco music characterized by deep bass rhythms, piano or synthesizer melodies, and soul-music singing.
[1985–90; probably after the Warehouse, a dance club in Chicago]
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We're talking about doing a nightclub here, a high-energy Euro-house nightclub with DJs, VJs, laser shows, music, dancing," Chamoun said.
Smothered in a murky Euro-house mix of stabbing synths and shuffling synthetic beats, Bieber starts blathering, "You're beautiful, beautiful/You should know it/I think it's time, think it's time that you show it" on the leadoff track, "All Around the World.
On Saturdays it's Atomic Baby and Substance on alternate weeks, more run- of-the-mill happy handbag Euro-house nights with resident DJs including Zammo and Gareth Somerville.

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