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1. The money market in Eurocurrency or Eurobonds.
2. The Common Market.


1. (Banking & Finance) a market for financing international trade backed by the central banks and commercial banks of the European Union
2. (Commerce) the European Union treated as one large market for the sale of goods and services

Europe′an Econom′ic Commu`nity

an association for economic cooperation established in 1957 by Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and West Germany; later joined by the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Greece, Spain, and Portugal; superseded by the European Union in 1993. Also called Common Market. Abbr.: EEC


[ˈjʊərəʊˌmɑːkɪt] Euromart [ˈjʊərəʊˌmɑːt] Neuromercado m, Mercado m Común
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14) We focused initially on the largest New York law Euromarket issues and then on those smaller issues that our ongoing search suggested might be candidates for the inclusion of CACs.
Table 1 Bonds issued in the Euromarket by India (1980-92) Name Date of Issue Currency Amount Industrial 6/1989 dollar 100 million Development Bank of India Oil and Natural 12/1988 dollar 125 million Gas Commission Oil and Natural 3/1990 dollar 125 million Gas Commission State Bank of 6/1988 yen 15 billion India Industrial 3/1987 DM 200 million Development Bank of India Industrial 9/1988 DM 250 million Development Bank of India Industrial 2/1986 DM 100 million Development Bank of India Oil and Natural 2/1987 DM 150 million Gas Commission Name Maturity Coupon Industrial 6/6/96 10% Development Bank of India Oil and Natural 16/11/1993 9.
The London Euromarket led the way in the 1960s toward internationalization of deposit rates.
For details on Euromarket offerings, see Kim and Stulz (1992).
With its first credit rating in hand, ADRs and Euromarket issues, Israel has planted the seeds for its continued access to global capital.
New issues in the Euromarket surged in the first half of the year, reflecting falling interest rates and relative calm within the ERM.
The development of the Euromarket is the classic example, in which the relative freedom from regulation in London in the 1960s allowed the development of an offshore dollar market.
For example, the gap between the rates charged for prime loans by the city banks and those available in the Euromarket have provided an incentive for internationally recognized Japanese firms to search actively for less costly alternatives to domestic bank funding.
Sniffer dogs and forensic teams conducted a search of Sayers' Euromarket cash and carry food wholesaler on Wednesday.
Roth stated, "I would like to reiterate that Smokefree Bvba under the leadership of Manfred Bogaert has been responsible for actual distribution of SFIO REAL and Smokers Option products within the Euromarket, as well as coordinating successful marketing programs and sales efforts in South Africa and Australasia with SFIO affiliate Bryant West, under the leadership of Brendan Jackson.
Feder and Ross (1982) ascertained a systematic relationship between bankers' assessment of country risk and interest rate differential in the Euromarket.
His works in Mexico including the Hotel Real del Bosque Golf Club, Hidalgo; Executive Chef at Restaurant Carolo & Euromarket, Ciudad de Mexico, Distrito Federal; Rodavento Hotel Boutique (Valle de Bravo) Mexico as an Executive Chef and many more.