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Noun1.European hop - European twining plant whose flowers are used chiefly to flavor malt liquorsEuropean hop - European twining plant whose flowers are used chiefly to flavor malt liquors; cultivated in America
hops, hop - twining perennials having cordate leaves and flowers arranged in conelike spikes; the dried flowers of this plant are used in brewing to add the characteristic bitter taste to beer
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Nice European hop aroma," commented taster and brewer Matt Bacco.
At Busch Farm we enjoyed a full tour with Dr Willy Buholzer, Budweiser's European Hop Purchasing General Manager.
It was found that two closely related flavonoids were distributed across wild North American accessions and also in some of the hybrid cultivars that resulted from crosses between wild accessions and European hop cultivars.
Budweiser is a medium-bodied, flavorful, crisp and pure beer with blended layers of premium American and European hop aromas, brewed for the perfect balance of flavor and refreshment.
The first release will be "Blue Marble Organic Pilsner[TM]" which is a light bodied, all malt, Pilsner style beer with a crisp European hop finish, according to Mark Simpson, President of Golden West.
When its North American and European hop pelletization plants are included, over 300,000 zentners of hops are processed annually by the group into regular, concentrated, stabilized and isomerized pellets plus ethanol, Co2 and isomerized extracts, plus downstream products.
Hops are a challenge though, as they're grown in Kent, Sussex, Hereford and Worcester, and sometimes you'd want to use Eastern European hops for their particular characteristics.
Harbin's, is allegedly China's oldest beer, and this medium-bodied lager is brewed with Chinese and European hops and select grains.
This medium-bodied premium lager is brewed with Chinese and European hops, old-world style yeast and select grains.

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