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Noun1.Europeanisation - assimilation into European cultureEuropeanisation - assimilation into European culture  
assimilation, absorption - the social process of absorbing one cultural group into harmony with another
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60) As the civilian control over the military has been a constant of the EU's Progress Reports and ipso facto, considered as a benchmark of its Europeanisation (61), the EC would describe the 2010 constitutional amendments as "a step in the right direction", for the accomplishment of the priorities of the Accession Partnership (62).
It said "barmy" plans for harmonisation, integration and Europeanisation meant the bloc had a dire record against emerging markets as well as the United States, Canada and Australia.
The Europeanisation of law, as a legal transfer method leads to the birth of a European procedural law that is imposed, on the one hand, by the need to establish and maintain equal social peace at a European level and, on the other hand by a certain attraction between legal cultures as well as an attempt to ameliorate the differences between the legal systems.
Grieves (2012) argues that the process of Europeanisation is shaped not only by national differences but also by regional specificities.
Research into multi-level governance in the context of Europeanisation and European integration became prominent during the 1990s.
Whilst highlighting Eurobarometer surveys which indicate support in Malta for the EU and trust in the EU institutions, Xuereb referred to the announcement in the 2017 budget speech that MEUSAC is to be re-launched, in order to increase its relevance in the process of the Europeanisation of this country.
Sachs, of course, may have an axe to grind in predicting the Europeanisation of the US system by 2020.
The content of issue 47/2015 is set out to focus on the Europeanisation and European governance as a source and factor of the new democracies in the Balkan and Baltic states.
And that is perhaps a perfect example of just how two-faced this Europeanisation of Greece has been.
I have addressed these issues in another context with respect to the Europeanisation of contract law (13) and the parameters of this paper do not allow for its reproduction and/or further contextualisation here.
These entail a more sustained discussion of 'the communist dilemma', a final stock-taking of the book's comparative findings, and a chapter which roots the book within the field of political science and in particular within studies of parties and processes of Europeanisation.
The project of the EU presented a golden opportunity to elites in the Balkan and former communist countries to re-project their countries propagate cognitive-regionalism and reconstruct local narrative in the context of Europeanism and Europeanisation.

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