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n. Offensive Slang
Fashionable, affluent Europeans viewed as leading a shallow or materialistic life.
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And on Monday, Antoine de Caunes, former presenter of risque '90s show Eurotrash, travelled to Birmingham to meet Kevin, a man who recently featured in a "Dull Men of Great Britain" guide.
The result is a soul-crushing torrent of grey sludge with a Eurotrash sheen and an indecently large helping of xenophobia.
Which fashion designer co-hosted the first few series of TV show Eurotrash with Antoine de Caunes?
When I was growing up Gaultier was a presenter on one of the silliest TV programmes ever made - Eurotrash.
9 Which French fashion designer, born on April 24, 1952, presented Channel 4's Eurotrash in the 1990s?
Some strange people will still be watching Eurosport at 8pm - Eurotrash may be a more appropriate channel name at this point - for the Opera On Ice gala exhibition from Ontario.
Think of a macabre That's Life, or a clothed Eurotrash, and you'll be getting warm.
The longer the movie runs, the crazier it becomes, scenes of fine Hitchcockian suspense butting up against extended forays into Eurotrash exploitation.
Which fashion designer co-hosted the first six series of TV's Eurotrash with Antoine de Caunes?
One needs a rather perverse (or subversive) sense of humor to stomach the Eurotrash excesses found here.
The interviewees come from varying stages of careers: there are intense young persons posing with cigarettes or assorted Eurotrash style accessories, highly suitable for inclusion in a book printed on astonishingly glossy paper; there are Perrault and Markli (neither of whom has anything interesting to say); and there are three delightful pages of the damning with faint praise of Koolhaas by Zenghelis and Gigantes, which are a jo y to read and should be posted up in huge print in every architecture school.