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Noun1.Eva Braun - the German mistress of Adolf Hitler (1910-1945)
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Also on this day: 1789: General George Washington inaugurated as first president of the United States of America; 1883: Death of French impressionist painter Edouard Manet; 1936: Death of poet A E Housman; 1938: FA Cup final televised live in full for the first time when Preston North End beat Huddersfield Town with penalty in final minute of extra-time; 1945: Adolf Hitler first poisoned his wife, Eva Braun, then shot himself in his Berlin bunker; 1948: First Land Rover exhibited at Amsterdam Motor Show.
The research also featured a photograph of a platinum watch Hitler gave his mistress Eva Braun in 1939 on her 27th birthday engraved on the back: 'On the 6.
Photographer Hoffmann, who introduced Hitler to his thenassistant Eva Braun, survived the war and died in 1957 aged 72.
The most far-reaching example of the new Hitler-lite comedy comes next week in a 90-minute film which mocks him, his affair with Eva Braun and the rest of the Nazi hierarchy.
After Hitler shot himself in his Berlin bunker on April 30 1945, his body was taken outside by his staff, doused with petrol and set ablaze along with the remains of mistress Eva Braun whom he married as the Third Reich collapsed around him.
17 ( ANI ): Photos revealing the life of German dictator Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun in their final moments, in the dingy bunker where they committed suicide, have been released by LIFE magazine for the first time.
Photographer Hoffmann, who introduced Hitler to his thenimages assistant Eva Braun, survived the war and died in 1957 aged 72.
On April 29, the day before Hitler and his new bride Eva Braun committed suicide, von Loringhoven left the bunker and shook the Fuehrer's hand for the last time.
They were buried outside the bunker where he committed suicide with his mistress Eva Braun.
He courted controversy with a drunken appearance at the despatch box, joked (privately) about "Bongo-Bongo Land" and - as a noted military historian - admired the Nazis, naming a dog after Hitler's mistress Eva Braun and reputedly hanging SS banners from the hall of the family home at Saltwood Castle in Kent.
6 ( ANI ): South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Dick Harpootlian compared his state's Republican governor, Nikki Haley, to the longtime mistress of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun.
1 ClAIms Hitler fled to Argentina with Eva Braun and lived to a "ripe old age".