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n.1.Evangelical principles; evangelism.
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But there are also liberal, Enlightened discourses of the Revolution itself, in tension and counterpoint with evangelicism.
Fournier, McDougall & Lichtsztral, supra note 19, at 338-39 (arguing that law cannot be understood through the "ontological tools of 'legal evangelicism,'" but must be understood through critical legal pluralism).
Andrea Smith's "Decolonization in Unexpected Places: Native Evangelicism and the Rearticulation of Mission" examines an often-discussed topic through a new lens: the missionization of Native peoples.
Theologians and church historians from various Christian orientations dialogue with Anglicans on the possibility that the future of the Great Tradition in North American is not just about restoring or rebuilding something lost to the acids of modernity, the therapeutic amnesia of contemporary spirituality, or the pragmatism of entrepreneurial evangelicism.
Loris Petris connects Platonism, Francis I, and Evangelicism in a symbol of harmony and primeval unity, the androgyne.
In another striking example, Alec d'Urberville recants his recent evangelicism after hearing (decorously unnarrated for the genteel reader) Tess's "negations" of Christianity drawn from Angel's "merciless," objective "species of thinking" (439).

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