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12-15); then figured (the plot's eventuation as witnessed by the servant, vv.
Similarly, as he also alleges, deterministic sociopolitical theory can consistently advocate a social activism that seeks to bring about a future state, whose eventuation the pertinent theory regards as determined by historical causation.
1) It argues that harm reduction involves a particular way of attending to events-in-process, or processes of eventuation, in which events and their effects--informed by the pasts and trajectories of the objects drawn into them--are nonetheless not knowable in precise detail prior to their emergence.
The cry, paradoxically, comes not only to incarnate, but to provide the context for the eventuation of the vexing concerns of the play--to wit, the Impossibles and inter-corporeal proximity--and these are rendered possible principally due to its being inherently acousmatic.
However, extra time was allowed for this eventuation and hence has minimal effect on the overall schedule.
Girard made it possible for me to grasp the historical-progressive essence of Christianity and modernity, the meaning of their eventuation.
An initial data set comprising 68 historical construction projects started and completed between 2001 and 2007 by a single, large Estonian construction contractor was used to validate the proposed risk eventuation model.
It was a natural eventuation, it could have happened on the second day, it could have happened on the third day," he said.