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 (ĕv′ər-ĭt, ĕv′rĭt)
A city of northwest Washington on Puget Sound north of Seattle. Laid out in 1890, it grew as a port.


(ˈɛv ər ɪt, ˈɛv rɪt)

1. Edward, 1794–1865, U.S. statesman, orator, and writer.
2. a seaport in NW Washington on Puget Sound. 62,740.
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Governor Everett, while a professor in the University, resided there.
The Lees are longtime family friends of the Everetts, and Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee has signed autographs at the Everett Maxey Buick GMC dealership in Bentonville.
Perhaps you heard that earlier this year, Frank Fletcher's Fletcher Auto Group sold its Springdale Chevrolet dealership to Everett Buick GMC of Bryant, owned by Dwight Everett.
Well, Whispers recently learned that Everett has some partners in that dealership.
We've just had a very good relationship that's been ongoing for more than the six years that we've been in business," Everett said.
Peter Gordon of Columbia University spent several months with the Everetts in the Amazon testing Piraha counting abilities.
Everett and his wife Keren Everett started spending 6 to 8 months each year with the Piraha people of Brazil's Amazon rain forest in 1977, they hoped to decipher a language that had long stumped missionaries in the region.
So for the next few months, Daniel Everett--alinguist affiliated with the University of Manchester in England and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany--and Keren Everett, a missionary with linguistic training, ran evening classes in math and literacy for the forest dwellers.
Daniel Everett asked what was so funny, and his students responded that what they had just said sounded like their word for sky.
I've been calling on dealers in Arkansas for 11 years, and I've got to tell you, the Everetts are the hardest working group of folks that I've had the good fortune to work with," Sewell said.
But even with these challenges, Everett Buick GMC in Benton--which Dwight Everett bought in September 2006 from Penske Automotive Group--has prospered, quickly becoming one of the most successful Buick GMC dealerships in the nation in terms of sales and customer satisfaction.
For the last two years, GM has bestowed Everett Buick GMC with the Mark of Excellence Award, its highest honor.

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