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 (ĕv′ər-ĭt, ĕv′rĭt)
A city of northwest Washington on Puget Sound north of Seattle. Laid out in 1890, it grew as a port.


(ˈɛv ər ɪt, ˈɛv rɪt)

1. Edward, 1794–1865, U.S. statesman, orator, and writer.
2. a seaport in NW Washington on Puget Sound. 62,740.
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I've been calling on dealers in Arkansas for 11 years, and I've got to tell you, the Everetts are the hardest working group of folks that I've had the good fortune to work with," Sewell said.
Until somewhat recently Everett sold Pontiac vehicles.
Because we had really made some huge strides with the Pontiac brand," Susie's husband, Dwight Everett, said.
Everett attributed this to some new Buick models that have sold very well, including the LaCrosse.
Peter Gordon of Columbia University spent several months with the Everetts in the Amazon testing Piraha counting abilities.
That's forbidden verbal territory among the Piraha, Everett emphasizes.
Remarks Everett, "If languages can differ in fundamental ways across cultures, then the argument for saving and documenting all of them becomes much stronger.
Everett suspects that individual Piraha ponder past events and think in other recursive ways but can't express such thoughts with their language.
The Lees are longtime family friends of the Everetts, and Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee has signed autographs at the Everett Maxey Buick GMC dealership in Bentonville.
GM named Everett Buick GMC as a Dealer of the Year, a distinction only 2 percent of the automaker's dealers earn each year.
Everett said he would stick with General Motors brands for any additional dealerships.
We've just had a very good relationship that's been ongoing for more than the six years that we've been in business," Everett said.

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