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(Plants) a type of lichen, or the essence produced from it, that is commonly found growing on oak trees and from which can be produced an essence that is used in the manufacture of perfumes


(ˈoʊkˌmɔs, -ˌmɒs)

a lichen, Evernia pranastri, growing on oak and other trees, yielding a resin used in the manufacture of perfumes.
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For most of the species, except Evernia prunastri and Platismatia glauca, the cumulative n-hexane and diethyl ether extracts did not reach a quarter of the global extraction yields and the highest quantity of compounds was extracted with methanol.
the diethyl ether extracts of Evernia prunastri (34.
Cladonia convoluta (Zopf, 1908), Evernia prunastri (Hesse, 1915), Parmelia caperata (Hesse, 1915), Ramalina cuspidata (Salkowski, 1911) and Usnea rubicunda (Nair and Subramanian, 1962).