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or eve·ry·wom·an  (ĕv′rē-wo͝om′ən)
An ordinary woman, representative of all women.


n, pl -women
1. a woman who exemplifies all women in some way
2. an ordinary woman


(ˈɛv riˌwʊm ən)

n., pl. -wom•en.
an ordinary woman; the typical or average woman.


[ˈevrɪˌwʊmən] Nmujer f cualquiera
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Victoria Beckham has tried to be many things in her life but she really shouldn't embarrass herself - or patronise us - by attempting to come across as Everywoman.
According to Farrell, who refers to her production as Don Quixote Revisited, Dulcinea is Everywoman in a special sense: "She embodies the ideal.
Throughout the course of the show, Badu was Everywoman.
Try the links to EveryWoman and Smart Kids in the Resource Center.
The only time the writers talk about women who live outside of major cities, specifically New York, is when they discuss Sarah Reid, who lives in a commune in Amherst, Massachusetts where she was trying to put together a coming-of-age ritual for menstruating gifts--not exactly a model the Everywoman can identify with.
This fast-paced novel (comprised of short, headlined vignettes) offers a witty yet honest look at an abject, unnoticed, and lonely everywoman who may not find a place for herself in the modern world, but certainly tells an intriguing story:
It as if Dorris, Atwood, and Hamilton had each fashioned their own modern narrative out of the bare bones of a common story--some ancient myth of Everywoman handed down for countless generations, continuously reshaping itself in an endless variety of forms.
Peter Karpati's Everywoman, set in Budapest, describes the final day in the life of a simple, middle-aged woman suffering from cancer.
11/19) Everywoman in Technology Awards (UK) http://www.
DAME Margaret Barbour has been honoured at the annual NatWest everywoman awards which celebrate female entrepreneurial spirit.
She said: "Susanna is the Everywoman of the competition and the one all the mums at home can relate to.
The FDM everywoman in Technology Awards were launched in 2011 to celebrate women who are spearheading technology in business - whether as founders of start-ups, leaders in global companies or young high-fliers who are the IT stars of the future.