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 (ĕv′ə-lo͞o′shə-nĭz′əm, ē′və-)
1. A theory of biological evolution, especially that formulated by Charles Darwin.
2. Advocacy of or belief in biological evolution.

ev′o·lu′tion·ist n.


a principle or theory of evolution. — evolutionist, n., adj.
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Noun1.evolutionism - (biology) a scientific theory of the origin of species of plants and animals
scientific theory - a theory that explains scientific observations; "scientific theories must be falsifiable"
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
Darwinism - a theory of organic evolution claiming that new species arise and are perpetuated by natural selection
Lamarckism - a theory of organic evolution claiming that acquired characteristics are transmitted to offspring
punctuated equilibrium, theory of punctuated equilibrium - a theory of evolution holding that evolutionary change in the fossil record came in fits and starts rather than in a steady process of slow change
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Just as resulting scenarios of who the slaves had been, and who the freed blacks would be were unfolding on the popular stage (frequently in segregated theatres), at world's fairs, in music, literature, in illustration, and so on, at the very same time a young anthropologist named Franz Boas was developing a theory of cultural relativism that would eventually sound a death knell for the evolutionisms of racial hierarchies.
Neverthless, traditions and discourses of evolutionism, eugenics and the crude "white supremacy" efforts of local and regional Southern politics and the mob, versus the emerging intellectual discourses of the New Negro and cultural relativism, and everything in between, composed competing perspectives on the world that all the early filmmakers and artists concerned with the portrayal of race could draw upon.