Ex parte hearing

(Law) that which is had or taken by one side or party in the absence of the other. Hearings before grand juries, and affidavits, are ex parte.
- Wharton's Law Dict.

See also: Ex parte

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Dillinger asked that any disclosure to the judge about a client's potential perjury be made in an in camera, ex parte hearing,
In addition, Genzyme filed a motion for preliminary injunction, including a request for an ex parte hearing and relief on the merits, to immediately seize and destroy all GA-GCB being used to treat patients in TKT's ongoing clinical trial and to prevent the company from submitting data generated from the clinical trial to regulatory agencies.
The federal courts have generally agreed in criminal cases with the prosecution's argument that an ex parte hearing is less intrusive to the attorney-client relationship than would be a full hearing in open court.
A trial court making the determination of whether the privilege applies may hold some form of in camera hearing regarding the defense's need for the information or an ex parte hearing on the government's need to protect the information.
The government claimed that under the Fourth Amendment, it only needed to appear at an ex parte hearing before a judge and that seizure of real property under the drug forfeiture laws is excepted from the usual due process requirements.
On January 25, 2008 Image appeared in an ex parte hearing in Los Angeles County Superior Court, seeking a temporary restraining order against BTP and its affiliates, including CT1.
In June 1994 federal and state regulators convinced a federal district court judge in a closed, ex parte hearing that Frankwell was engaged in illegal metals and foreign currency trading in the U.
No Abbey directors were present at the ex parte hearing.
Following an ex parte hearing on the day the motion was filed, the court entered an order granting the extension.
On July 13, 2009, they were notified that there had been an ex parte hearing in a Tarrant County courtroom and that, as a result, they were no longer Ceci's guardians.
It has permitted in camera (secret) hearings and ex parte hearings (the accused and their legal representatives are not present), fundamentally undermining the principle of habeas corpus that lies at the heart of the judicial systems of liberal democratic states.
Cobble's staff with loss of their license if they did not support the State's position, failing to report to the Administrative Judge two damaging letters received from a competitive dentist, ex parte hearings, making unfounded allegations public, and shredding investigators' notes.