ex parte

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ex par·te

 (ĕks pär′tē)
adj. Law
1. Of or relating to an action taken in a legal proceeding by one party without the presence or participation of the opposing party: an ex parte hearing.
2. Of or relating to such an action taken in a manner that is not permitted due to the risk of undue influence or interference: an ex parte conversation with the judge.

[Latin : ex, from + parte, ablative of pars, part, side.]

ex parte adv.

ex parte

(ɛks ˈpɑːtɪ)
(Law) law (of an application in a judicial proceeding) on behalf of one side or party only: an ex parte injunction.

ex par•te

(ɛks ˈpɑr ti)
1. from or on one side only of a dispute, as in a divorce action.
2. one-sided; partial.
[1665–75; < Latin]

ex parte

adj, adv (Jur) → einseitig, (seitens) einer Partei