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a.1.Serving for example or pattern; exemplary.
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Secondly, awareness raising and informative activities are planned for apiarists to remove conlicts with bears and promote dispersion of an electroconvulsive fence system for an examplary beehive which has been succeeded previously various places in Turkey.
The place was packed, the performances examplary and Lars Vogt graciously responded to wave after wave of applause.
We started a resistance which was examplary to the world, which was very peaceful," Yapici told the court.
Briefly speaking on the occasion, Commissioner Kohat Division Syed Jamal ud Din Shah termed the introduction of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Procurement Rules Act 2014 as an examplary step of the Provincial Government and called upon the Heads of Line Departments to follow the Act in letter and spirit and ensure implementation on it in its true spirit.
We hope to scale in an examplary manner within the evolving mobile money and commerce ecosystem for inclusive, accessible and state of the art platforms.
He assured him that the accused would be given examplary punishment in accordance with the law.
The participants of the rally were carrying the placards and banners inscribed with the slogans against the Pindi carnage and demands for giving an examplary punishment to those involved in the gory incident.
A minimal requirement on the structure of the payoff is given below, and an exemplary derivation is illustrated in the "Derivation of an Examplary Payoff Function" subsection.
These are the examplary data, to which the stochastic algorithm developed in the present paper is applied.
Abdullah said the agreement was based on 'its responsibility of pushing forward and open, vibrant and successful economy by providing an examplary environment for local and foreign investment, which would make the private sector the main engine of Abu Dhabi's economic growth.
Petrarch is well aware of the profound correspondence between the laurel of the poet and the laurel of the great ruler or commander, whose examplary incarnation is Augustus, the ruler of peace.
Never fancy, no frills and another examplary performance in ther anchor role.