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a.1.Serving for example or pattern; exemplary.
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They also asked the government to accelerate efforts to bring the prime killer Mujahidullah Afridi back to the country through Interpol and make him an example for others by giving him examplary punishment.
He said our Armed Forces are showing examplary restraint and are fully capable to respond any aggression in a befitting manner.
An examplary MRN architecture, in which MSs can be associated with a BS or an RS is depicted in Fig.
Former vice president of Cantonment Board and Trader of Multan Cant Haji Fazal Hussain Chandya said it was an examplary budget under the given circumstances.
Marking the Reagan Revolution as examplary conservatism, Lewis details how far the GOP has gone astray and outlines ways it can avoid becoming a "permanent minority.
Secondly, awareness raising and informative activities are planned for apiarists to remove conlicts with bears and promote dispersion of an electroconvulsive fence system for an examplary beehive which has been succeeded previously various places in Turkey.
The surfaces of two examplary samples were scanned using the AFM to determine the surface topography of the aluminum surfaces before and after coating.
The place was packed, the performances examplary and Lars Vogt graciously responded to wave after wave of applause.
We started a resistance which was examplary to the world, which was very peaceful," Yapici told the court.
Briefly speaking on the occasion, Commissioner Kohat Division Syed Jamal ud Din Shah termed the introduction of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Procurement Rules Act 2014 as an examplary step of the Provincial Government and called upon the Heads of Line Departments to follow the Act in letter and spirit and ensure implementation on it in its true spirit.
The participants of the rally were carrying the placards and banners inscribed with the slogans against the Pindi carnage and demands for giving an examplary punishment to those involved in the gory incident.