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In Arthurian legend, the sword belonging to King Arthur.

[Middle English, alteration (perhaps influenced by Latin chalybs, steel) of Medieval Latin Caliburnus, from Middle Welsh Caletuwlch or Middle Irish Caladbolg, a legendary sword.]


(European Myth & Legend) (in Arthurian legend) the magic sword of King Arthur
[C14: from Old French Escalibor, from Medieval Latin Caliburnus, from Welsh Caledvwlch, perhaps related to Irish Caladbolg a legendary sword (literally: hard belly, hence, voracious)]


(ɛkˈskæl ə bər)

(in Arthurian legend) King Arthur's magic sword.
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Noun1.Excalibur - the legendary sword of King ArthurExcalibur - the legendary sword of King Arthur  
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Then the King bids Sir Bedivere take his sword Excalibur,
But when Sir Bedivere drew Excalibur and saw the jewels of the hilt shine in the wintry moonlight, he could not find it in his heart to cast anything so beautiful and precious from him.
He plunged into the carnage of a hundred battles, but his good Excalibur always brought him out alive, albeit often sorely wounded.
fifty falchions gleamed in air above the men-at-arms, and brighter, fiercer than them all, flamed Excalibur aloft, and cleaving downward struck the brutal Leonardo's weapon from his grasp!
To Arthur himself certain divine attributes were added, such as his possession of magic weapons, among them the sword Excalibur.
Officials from the Army Project Manager for Combat Ammunition Systems located at Picatinny say the 155mm guided Excalibur round, known as the XM982, is more accurate than any currently available.
With the flexibility of the FPGA fabric, it's easy to architect system-on-a-programmable-chip (SOPC) applications where the Excalibur device boots Linux under the control of the processor and obtains a new FPGA configuration from an external interface.
Under the terms of the agreement, Excalibur has dedicated a portion of its manufacturing capacity from its 350,000 square feet of combined manufacturing facilities throughout its operating companies and designated Priority Customer Status to the Born product line.
OSE's board support package (BSP) for Altera's Excalibur EPXA10 development board makes it possible to integrate a high-performance data-path fabric while running a robust operating system in critical communications applications within the control plane," said Anders Flodin, director of strategic alliances at OSE.
As we enter into our second year of Excalibur Embedded Processor Workshops, customers now have access to the first Excalibur ARM(R)-based device, now being shipped, and the second version of the Nios(TM) embedded soft-core processor," said Anna Chiang, director of marketing for the Excalibur business unit.
The size and complexity of our Excalibur embedded processor solutions require debug tools that were traditionally offered only in the ASIC or microprocessor world," said Tim Southgate, vice president of software and tools marketing at Altera.
Used in conjunction with Altera's Excalibur ARM-based devices, these partner IP cores give our customers comprehensive solutions for SOPC designs.