1.(Math.) Same as Eccentricity.
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The most mortifying instance of this pursuit of mundane recognition, for Carrera, is offered by the poet on television who, as in the sad spectacularization of Adriano Spatola at the "Maurizio Costanzo Show" that Giulia Niccolai recalls, degrades himself by feeding his own provocative excentricity to a medium and an audience only able to demean his art, taking it for silly triviality if not even madness.
Variations in pith excentricity and ring width in teak (Tectona grandis L.
The very title is the synonym for excentricity [sic].
Toward the end of the essay, Lacan answers his own question, saying that man is confronted with "the self's radical excentricity to itself.
This is done by segmentation of the image and inspection of the object excentricity.
For the Demon-king's objectives, this excentricity is a complex spatial trope which contains the multiple impulses of family, nation, and empire but in this essay's focus his use of that space is being redefined as a project of revolutionary counterorders.
45) For further discussion of the signifier-sensitive ethos, and the use of puns, see Stephen Hart, 'James Joyce and Cesar Vallejo: Excentricity and the Disinherited Mind', Quinquereme, 9 (1986), 171-89.
Corrections of clocks at 30s i ntervals are published by JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) but there is conflict with IGS orbits due to different approach to introduction of corrections from excentricity of phase centers of antennas on satellites between JPL and IGS.
From having had no mother to take responsibility off her shoulders, she has grown up to look after herself and has a certain vein of personality which approaches excentricity.
In such a case each Riksu mesocycle might last about 400 Ka and submesocycle about 100 Ka, corresponding to the duration of the Milankovitch cycles caused by the excentricity of the Earth's orbit.