Exchange broker

one who buys and sells uncurrent money, and deals in exchanges relating to money.
See under Broker.

See also: Broker, exchange

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A portion of the letter from SEC said a directive was issued to 'correct the inaccurate and misleading information' regarding PSE's disclosure posted on February 26, 2018 indicated as a press release and entitled 'PSE signs agreement ensuring reduction in Exchange broker ownership.
He said these pictures were actually of two separate cases; one was of Mumbai bank robbery and the other of the IT department's raid on the house of an Indian stock exchange broker.
Summary: Mourad Ben Chaabane, Managing Director of stock exchange broker MAC SA, has just been elected president of the Stock Exchange of Tunis.
Investigators determined the money was sold on the black market to a foreign exchange broker who transferred the funds to three casinos.
Those brokers opened the issue a total of 3,968 times, giving the newsletter a 32 percent open rate, according to a new exchange broker webinar slidedeck.
Byron McCurdy, chairman of the board of the Colorado State Association of Health Underwriters (CSAHU), and Tammy Niederman, CSAHU legislative chair, wrote to Kevin Patterson, chief executive officer (CEO) of the Colorado exchange, which they call "C4," to say they believe creating an exchange broker bonus program would be inappropriate.
Homeland Security has accused Malik and Karam Abdel-Wahab, the owner of foreign exchange broker, of harming the Egyptian economy through collecting foreign currencies and smuggling them out of the country.
Since its formation as the UK's first non-bank foreign exchange broker in 1996, Currencies Direct has evolved from being an innovative service provider of foreign exchange for consumers and high net worth individuals into a dynamic and pioneering business-to-business fully integrated treasury solution service provider.
There is a comparable recent example when former West Ham United sponsor, the online foreign exchange broker Alpari, crashed recently.
The move caught markets off guard, being so surprising that it has already caused irreparably damage to certain participants, such as UK foreign exchange broker Alpari, which stated Friday that it has been forced to shut down its UK arm.
ASIC has warned consumers to be wary of a fake website promoting foreign exchange broker, First Forex.
Joshua Mahony, research analyst at foreign exchange broker Alpari, said any legislation drawn up now would probably only act as a temporary fix ahead of the January 1 deadline, before more permanent measures could be agreed.

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