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An inert substance used as a diluent or vehicle for a drug.

[Latin excipiēns, excipient-, present participle of excipere, to take out, exclude; see except.]


(Pharmacology) a substance, such as sugar or gum, used to prepare a drug or drugs in a form suitable for administration
[C18: from Latin excipiēns excepting, from excipere to except]


(ɪkˈsɪp i ənt)

any pharmacologically inert substance used for combining with a drug for the desired bulk, consistency, etc.
[1745–55; < Latin excipient-, s. of excipiēns, present participle of excipere to receive, absorb, literally, to take out; see except1]


- An inactive substance that serves as the vehicle or medium for a drug; it is also the material or surface that receives the pigments in painting.
See also related terms for pigments.


n excipiente m
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18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- About polymer-based solubility enhancement excipients for OSDF Excipients are inactive components of a drug that are used in conjunction with API.
United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) and Japanese Pharmacopoeia Excipients (JPE) and will be part of Merck Millipore's Emprove[sup.
This production method eliminates problems due to heat and moisture that occur during wet granulation, but it also demands exceptional properties of active ingredients and excipients.
DFE Pharma is the global leader in excipient solutions and develops, produces and markets excipients for oral solid dose and dry powder inhalation formulations.
As DMA and excipients are released from the silicone matrix, voids may be left in their place (see figure 12).
Demand for pharmaceutical excipients in the US is projected to rise 4.
The objective of this 60-minute webinar is to present an overview of the recently launched certification scheme by the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council (IPEC).
The authors conclude that numerous RX and OTC drug products and supplements contain DBP or DEP as excipients.
Preparation efforts at both Dow plants began with in-depth gap analysis obtained from internal audits conducted by ISO Lead Auditors that were also experts in excipient GMP compliance requirements as defined in the current "Joint IPEC-PQG Good Manufacturing Practices Guide for Pharmaceutical Excipients.
Roquette is a long-established supplier of actives and excipients to the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.
The potential of functional excipients has been revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry.
who work in the UK and US pharmaceutical industries, offer an alphabetical reference to 340 excipients used in pharmaceutical formulation, and their uses, safety, and physical properties, as well as names, formulas, functional category, applications, description, specifications, typical properties, stability and storage, incompatibilities, method of manufacture, handling, regulatory status, and related substances.