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n. pl. ex·em·pla (-plə)
1. An example.
2. A brief story used to make a point in an argument or to illustrate a moral truth.

[Latin; see example.]


n, pl -pla (-plə)
1. (Rhetoric) an anecdote that supports a moral point or sustains an argument, used esp in medieval sermons
2. an example or illustration
[from Latin: example]


(ɪgˈzɛm pləm)

n., pl. -pla (-plə).
1. an example or model.
2. an anecdote that illustrates or supports a moral point, as in a medieval sermon.
[1885–90; < Latin; see example]
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We are honored to partner with these publishers and editors in acknowledging authors who contribute exemplary literature to the field of young adult fiction.
The question is thoroughly examined through an exemplary literature review that reveals intriguing findings--for example, rhetorical questions improved learning by inducing curiosity (p.
In another essay that investigates more general features of Trecento piety, Delcorno emphasizes the "amplitude and coherence of the literary manipulation and of the ideological demystification exercised by Boccaccio on the corpus of exemplary literature.