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a.1.Having power or a tendency to exert; using exertion.
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The African holistic dances and music of the Caribbean mentioned earlier are comparable to the Zar ritual in that they all involve exertive, synchronised movement to invigorating cadences, thereby representing an effective group bonding activity (see Bronwyn, et al, 2015).
During the 6th Session, the Joint Bahraini-Tunisian Committee has witnessed the signing of 15 agreements, memorandums of Understanding and Exertive Programmes in vital fields such in industry, agriculture, media, energy, youth and sports, education, religious affairs, urban planning and customs.
All the patients were relieved from any sort of exertive physical activities.
Cognitive engagement refers to an individual's voluntarily exertive effort to understand and master challenging tasks (Fredricks et al.
Conduction of blood investigation of community at large is an exertive and laborious exercise.
More info: Ann Fody, exertive director; The Metropolitan New York Coatings Association (MNYCA), (732) 291-0168; e-mail: fodyasso-ciates@qmail.