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a.1.Having power or a tendency to exert; using exertion.
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James Jianzhang Liang, Co-Founder and Director of the Company and the Chairman of the board of directors and Chief Exertive Officer of Ctrip ("Mr.
She also noted that when a man is forceful in his desire to perform and deliver, he is described as an exertive man, but when a woman behaves similarly, she is described as aggressive.
More info: Ann Fody, exertive director; The Metropolitan New York Coatings Association (MNYCA), (732) 291-0168; e-mail: fodyasso-ciates@qmail.
On a busy week, I dedicate approximately 10 hours per week, and on a less exertive week, I dedicate approximately 3 and half hours per week.
Passive leisure activities are not physically exertive and include, for example, watching television or movies, listening to music, and reading books or newspapers.
Mrs Nicholls also dismissed the need for pupil guides to get attendance bonuses, as enjoyed by many employees in more physically exertive roles, despite later claiming staff had been violently attacked by children at work "An attendance bonus is not something we've ever considered," she said.
On a short term basis dehydration caused by prolonged exertive exercise leads to enhanced concentrations of Hb and Hct due to decreased PV.
Our most difficult, exertive, and troublesome field survey trips proved most often to be a mere failure.
Gardening is an exertive weight-bearing activity and should be considered a sport rather than a passive hobby," maintains podiatrist Paul Kasdan, founder and medical director for OurFootDoctor.
But we doubt the 24-year-old Dubliner could have done anything quite so exertive in his Porklife days.