Exhaust port

(Steam Engine) the opening, in the cylinder or valve, by which the exhaust steam escapes.

See also: Exhaust

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The tender includes all the necessary services for erection, commissioning and trial operation of the new power and heat generation plants - except for the construction technology - in the following performance limits heiznetzseitig connection to the existing network,Low Voltage 400 V from counter space within the building,Medium voltage 10 kV terminations 10kV switchgear to the utility grid,Drinking water connection existing connection,Sewage connections (mixed water) existing connection,Natural gas cogeneration plant east from GMDRA else from counter space within the building,HW South exhaust port from flue gas fox near HWE else within LU.
It may be that the plug located near the intake port ignites first, after the air/fuel mixture enters the cylinder, then the second plug, located near the exhaust port fires.
exhaust port modifiers, both of which reduce emissions and increase fuel economy.
This allows more work to be transferred to the crankshaft instead of being rejected out of the exhaust port as heat.
To protect against exhaust port blocking, Mobil 1 MX2T contains premium additives and synthetic fluids, and its low ash content helps minimize spark plug fouling," said Madden.
A new cylinder head easily identified by its right-side exhaust port and new exhaust system plus revised fuel and ignition timing settings for the Dual-Timing PGM-FI fuel injection help generate more top-end power and added overrev, and peak power now hits higher than before.
Improving upon 40 years of rotary designs, the RENESIS engine features side intake and exhaust ports with nearly 30 percent more intake port and twice as much exhaust port than its predecessors.
In accordance with EPA standards the exhaust port remains above the water, but the addievelopment, manufacturing and marketing activities in the fields of transportation equipment, aerospace, motnd more than 85 percent of those revenues are generated in m arkets outside Canada.
This advanced oil helps protect high RPM air-cooled, 2-cycle engines against exhaust port blocking, combustion chamber and piston deposits, ring sticking and scuffing, and wear.
Cylinder heads on the Viper V-10 are redesigned using semi-permanent mold (SPM) 356 T6 aluminum, with improved intake port, exhaust port and combustion chamber cooling.
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Three intake and exhaust port designs were created for the MC4S: straight, improved and optimized.